Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sem 2 looks to be very promising for me.Why?Well,for starters,I can finally learn subjects that I can apply pharmaceutical knowledge in.Dosage form,pharmacology and communication skills in pharmacy.What's more important is these subjects are fun.For me,that is.I'm most interested in dosage form.Maybe because I can understand what Madam Yvonne is teaching.Not to say that I don't understand what other lecturers are teaching,but I understand hers the most by far.Seniors said that this subject is going to be the toughest to score,but what the heck.I'll give it my best shot anyway.
Dr Azmi teaches communication skills.Too bad his class is only for 2 hours a week.And just one day!We haven't been to the pharmacy store yet,so i do not know what to expect.Dr Azmi is fun,so I guess I'll be enjoying it after all.
Pharmacology class hasn't started yet.I'm hoping for it to be interesting though.Haha.
16/1 : Pharmaliday.I'm looking forward to that.
17/1 : Pharmnite.I went for the interview to be an emcee for that event.I blabbered all the way through.I dont know how's the result gonna be,but I don't really mind.I've already bought one Padini shirt for the event along with a vest.I don't care what other people want to say about my attire.I love it.
And Green Lung Carnival.Not much info on this event yet.But still,I'm looking forward to it.
This sem is not gonna be so bad after all,it seems.

An army

Its weird,life.Just when you thought the world is crumbling apart into nothingness around you,fate comes in and turns the whole situation around for you.
I was scared,literally.Scared that my past will come back and put my life into misery.The past still haunted me,day in and day out.I thought that i have to face this problem alone,that no one in this world can help me.However,I've forgotten one thing.I have you.I have them.I have friends.I have friends that are ready to help me anytime as long as I voice out my problems to them.
My family.
Tan Shu Feng.
Qi Hann.
Kar Yee.
Jie Zi.
Tan Ze Chien.
Sung Ching
These are the people I trust THE most.Maybe I left out some names.Sorry about that.
Most of the names I've mentioned know martial arts.Tae Kwan Do,Taichi,Wushu,and Aikido.I know some martial arts myself.I used to learn Tae kwan do.However,I guess I am more towards sword fighting.Now,I am learning on how to defend myself using a nunchaku,in which,I guess I still suck at it.Haha.
My point is,I have a literal army by my side.People who will defend me when I am in a pinch.I guess I should start studying now.Hehe.
Special thanks to the first six names on the list.A very special thanks to the second name,and I mean it =)

My return

Wow...its already 2010 and this is my first time writing a blog,like..after 5 years?What happened to me all this while?
Truth be told,I myself do not know what happened to me?For years I've been in a world of hurt,physically and emotionally.But I never had the bravery to get out of it.God..what have i been missing all this while?
In matriculation,I found these guys, Chinese and Indians, whom I am very close with.I've met with all sorts of troubles there. But they were all there for me.See,i'm not your typical "good guy".But then,with all these people around me,I was never alone.Well,at least that was what I realized NOW.Damn it..
When I entered USM which I am now studying pharmacy in, I felt that pang,that sense of loneliness.Weird thing is,I'm surrounded by thousands of people here.Why that lonely feeling emerged is anyone's guess.
Then,I met someone that kinda changed how I see the world,in a way.
She was forever correcting my faults.She was forever telling me advices.Advices that,at first,were kinda hard for me to accept.However,as time goes on,I started to listen,wonder,and think.She told me to be positive.To forget the past.The bloody,dark past.What's over is over.I can grasp what she is talking about,but still I'm trapped in my own shell.A shell that I can't penetrate,no matter how strong I pushed.
Then,yesterday,something happened.All the Chinese and Indian guys that I befriended in Matriculation texted me,called me.All of them asking me what's wrong.One of them told me I was so optimistic before.They kept offering advices and ensured me that all of them will always be there when I need them since I did so much for them.Well,that was what they said anyway.
Then,she texted me.
She told me that the people in my class all cared about me and do not want to see me unhappy.
That made me wonder,how much of life have I wasted all these while?Nearly 7 years.But all of that changed in just one evening.
Finally, I was shown a path.Finally,I can reach my hand up to those who were actually offering theirs to raise me off the ground.Finally, all the pain is are relieving themselves,one by one.
Slowly,but surely.
Sem 2 has started,and I cannot be like how I used to be.
I am back.
Thank you all.Happy new year to anybody who's reading this.Happy new year to you.
Thank you