Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Hari ni memang betul-betul happening.

Woke up this morning to have diarrhea 3 times. Thats a hat-trick.

Went to morning class, can't even focus. Today's also the first time Prof Zhari cracked a joke that I actually laughed at. "Bau drug macam jamban". Lol :D But then I felt stomach pain.

After class, I went back to my room. Suddenly felt like I'm going to have a fever. My head hurt so much I was sure it was going to split at any moment. Leg cramps? Check.

Sigh.. Hari ini dalam sejarah betui...

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday was the bowling tournament, and whaddya know, my team won first place. Yippeee :D

I am sooo happy. I mean, we didn't expect to win at all, like, seriously. We also didn't expect the competition to be that serious and tough. We were all like, "aiyaaaa.. we go there and play for fun only lor..." in the first place. When we actually got there, well, lets just say my bladder became tighter.

I gotta say, this place is cool-looking. Its just recently been opened and all the lanes and the bowling balls there are brand new. So, yeah.

The one thing that I'm impressed with my group about is how we emphasized teamwork the whole time the competition was running. We just stayed quiet and did not cheer too much as we wanted to conserve our energy. When one of us scored some points, we just clapped for him and did a high-5. Its these small little things that can raise the teammate's spirit and keep the competition going. Every one of us contributed something and played our own roles.

Jasper is basically the motivator. Each time one of us scored, he will give us a high-5 and said "congrats". Even if we didn't score a single point, he told us to stay focused and have fun. He's the guy who kept the team together, basically.

Andrew is the main man. He's the one who scored the highest in every game, so we kinda depended on him to achieve a high total score. He's either scoring strike, spare, or 8-9 pins. He's the one who made up for all of the other teammate's scores. I'm so proud of you, dude.

Desmond is the so-called "miracle guy". I dunno how he did it, some moves. I was like, waaaaa...... so kaw-kaw dude! Haha. I couldn't find the words to describe his style of playing coz you have to be there to know what I am talking about.

Me? Well.. I dunno. Haha

But, all in all, we won. The difference in total score between our team and the first runner-up was only by 4 points. That. Was. Close. I still couldn't believe it. :)

Oh well, if there is gonna be another competition next year, we're so gonna enter it, right, guys? I'm so proud of us, the iBowlers.

Friday, October 1, 2010



Uh, yeah.. So today's the day of the bowling tournament. To be honest, I'm quite nervous. Well, yeah, I've never been in any tournament before.

I'm not good in bowling myself. I mean, I have a good aim and all, but to say that I am a professional in it, well, that's quite a long shot.

Some more, I don't know how I'll do today with this hand of mine. Last time, my tendon was injured. Its healed already, yes. However, if I twist my hand to a certain degree, it will still hurt. Hopefully I can do well today and not let my teammates down. 3 games today. Well, all the best.