Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy, But Enough Time To Update My Blog

Phew.. Long time.. Haha. I dunno why I took so long to update my blog, when in fact i'm free as hell. Well, not exactly. I still have tonnes to study, and not forgetting my assignments, still. Second year is hellish when it comes to squeezing the balls out of us. I'm SOOOOO behind in my studies, but I'm trying to keep up of course. I study little by little each day. Slow, yes, but better than nothing. When I'm too tired of studying, or too stressed, I'll just chill myself out by playing some games on my 360 or with my DS. Something to take my mind off studying, I guess. Oh well, its 1.23 am now and I just finished my 4-page assignment for my Kompang ko-k subject. I mean, really? A bloody assignment for this course too? Sigh.. Thank god the coordinator allowed us to write ANYTHING about Kompang in 4 pages at the very least. I finished this assignment in around 1 hour or so. Hadoi... I never realised that I'll be facing so, so many assignments this sem.

Lets see...

I'm the group leader for my FAR241 assignment, and I've gotta say, we're doing really, really well on that. Brian did an amazing job on the video while Azarin and Suet Ting together with Brian as well did an impressive job on our poster design. Ms Aisyah said our poster and video were really, really good (yeah, she said 'really' twice, people). Oh God, was I relieved to hear that. Getting her approval is like, well... I ran out of words to make a comparison here. :p Now we're left with the report and brochure. Hopefully all of these can be completed within the first week after the holidays end.

My med chem assignment, I'm supposed to do a report on a drug used for the reproductive system. I haven't finished that yet, but at least its not a group project, meaning I can take my own sweet time finishing it. Teehee! But then again, its gonna be a viva presentation. So, I need to take this thing seriously too.

Management project? Meh... I'm not the leader. Wait for Brian and Sin Yin's orders. Lalalala. :D

Hmmmm... Next thing I'm gonna talk about is my interest in Maher Zain's songs. Who's Maher Zain? Well... Its this guy.

Amazing vocal, amazing songs. True, I don't really have an interest in nasyid, but this guy is just.. whoa. Earlier this sem, some of my facebook friends posted videos of this guy's songs like "For The Rest Of My Life" and "Hold My Hand" on facebook. Fair enough, I never knew this guy back then. But, one day, I tried listening to his song and voila! I was instantly hooked. True, I like rock songs and some rap songs by Eminem, but this guy is something different. Try listening to "For The Rest Of My Life". He dedicated that song to his wife and it sounded so sweet. Really. Try also listening to "Barakka Allah Lakuma". That song is super nice. The beat of that song is a joy to listen to. Its hard to believe that this guy was once the producer of Lady Gaga's songs. Thank God that Maher realized the demonic meaning behind her songs and quit. Lady Gaga is scary though. Stay this way, Maher. Present us with your wonderful songs because it managed to make me feel calm while completing my assignments and studying. Really, I could listen to his songs over and over again and never get bored. I'm listening to his songs right now while I'm writing this and boy, I've never felt this calm, soothing feeling before. Keep it up, man. I salute you.

Next thing I'm gonna talk about is my best friend. For my other friends in USM who are reading this, you'd probably know who I'm talking about already. I don't really have that much to talk about her right now, but I just wanna say one thing: She's the bestest friend anyone could ever hope to have. Yeah, you people might be thinking that I'm exaggerating here, but I'm not kidding. I mean, cmon, sometimes we laugh over nothing. over nothing would probably mean that we're mental.

But then again, maybe we are :)

She could say I'm fat and we would laugh about it like there's no tomorrow. By the end of the day, I would have stomachache, my cheeks would probably be sore, but I'll still laugh.

However, I'm not saying our friendship is all rosey. it has its ups and downs. We've had our fair share of fights between us, but we'll make up. Its impossible for me to be mad at her for long, because at the back of my head, I know that this is one of the best thing that happened to me since I entered USM. Wanna know how our friendship starts? Well, its just by a simple dinner invitation, and from there, it developed. We've had our adventures, movie-going trips and much more. I'm happy enough the way things are. If things were to develop more between us, then so be it.

Here's to you, my bestest friend :)

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